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My Electric Rate

Schedule A-2

Commercial and Small Power
Customer Charge$24.64 a month
Demand Charge$5.50
Energy Charge.07880


Schedule LP

Large Power Service
Customer Charge$93.28 a month C-4 no PF
Demand Charge$6.25 G-5 no PF
Secondary Meter Energy Charge.06119 C-6 W/PF
Primary Meter Energy Charge.05507 G-7 W/PF


Schedule LPR

Large Power Rate
Customer Charge$107.68 a month
Maximum Demand Charge$6.25 per kw H-8 W/PF
Secondary Meter Energy Charge.06030 D-9 W/PF
Primary Meter Energy Charge.05427


Schedule Ind 1

Industrial Rates
Customer Charge$165.06
Demand Charge$5.93
Secondary Meter Charge.05701
Primary Meter Charge.05638


Yard Light Rates
175 Watt 9.49 per month
100 Watt MH 9.49 per month
400 Watt (Reg) 14.27 per month
250 Watt MH 14.27 per month
400 Watt (Flood) 19.28 per month
250 Watt MH 19.28 per month
500 Watt 16.82 per month
1,500 Watt 39.13 per month
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