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My Electric Rate

Schedule A-1

Farm and Home
Customer Charge $21.25 a month
Energy Charge .08700


Yard Light Rates
175Watt @ $9.49 per month
60 LED @ $9.49 per month
400 Watt (Reg) @ $14.27 per month
250 Watt MH (Flood) @ $19.28 per month

Net Metering 

Big Sandy RECC offers net metering opportunities. Read the official net metering rates schedule, which includes requirements and billing and payment information.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering allows members to generate their own electricity in order to offset their electricity usage. Common examples of net metering installations include solar panels on a home or a wind turbine at a school.  These installations are connected to a meter, which will measure the net quantity of electricity that the member uses (“retail meter”).  The retail meter spins forward when the member uses electricity from Big Sandy RECC and it spins backward when the member generates excess electricity (thereby “exporting” electricity to the electric grid).  A special retail meter (also called the “net meter”) is required to allow for the “netting” of usage and generation, especially when there may be exporting of electricity.


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